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Monica Cuevas

Dear Heavenly Father,

Lord Jesus I love you. Father God I know that you brought my Henry Danilo Aguilar into mine and Gigi’s lives. Jesus please forgive me for any sin I have in my life and for any responsibility I hold for the destruction of our relationship. Jesus please in your name father, bring him back into our lives for reconciliation. True healing. We decided to stay as best friends, but please Jesus open up his heart. Remove any pride, anger, or pain he has in his heart towards me. Jesus I ask in your name for a miracle that he will reach out to me. I pray that your hand will be in it. I pray that you will walk with us and that we will hold you above us and leader of our relationship. I pray Lord that we would move towards marriage together. I would love to have a baby this year.

God I know that this would have to be nothing but your works and a pure miracle. I pray that anyone who reads this will be in agreement with me Jesus. I pray that during this time of separation from loving one another in an amorous way that you are working on both of our hearts. That you are refining us so that one day soon this year we will serve you. Jesus please. I beg this of you and pray with tears. God give me peace. Give me direction. Help me Jesus to trust this to you. Amen.

Received: January 6, 2021