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Ronald Voll

My name is Ron. I am originally from California, but I have lived in Kansas for over 20 years. My cousin Bob, age 62, lives in your area, and he suffers from Parkinson's. I came to CA for the holidays, and as I left, I wished I could do more to help.

Bob has a girlfriend (Tammy), but she works full time. Bob spends a lot of time home alone. Before the disease hit, he ran his own business and was very successful. Disability Services won't help with home care because the house is worth "too much". It's not fair that the only way he can get help is by giving up what he worked so hard for. Bob struggles to communicate. I'm sure his mind is capable, but he struggles to connect the thoughts to speech.

I figure the best help I can give is to pray for him, cast my cares on Jesus, and enlist prayer warriors to help with the praying. I pray for Bob's health, and healing; I believe in miracles, so yeah, that too. I pray that Jesus will provide for all Bob & Tammy's needs (including salvation). I pray God gives Bob & Tammy peace, strength, wisdom and all the love and support they need.

In Jesus Name, and with my thanks, Amen.

Received: January 15, 2023