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I am a single mom of three working two jobs and I am going through a contentious divorce in which my ex has made false accusations against me, filed a temporary restraining order, and was granted temporary custody of our one year old son. For the last five months I have missed out on this precious time with my baby I will never get back. In the interim, pending our trial I was granted professionally monitored visits with my now one year old son for a few hours once a week which have been very expensive. My parents have paid $50,000 trying to fight this and I’ve paid an exorbitant amount of money trying to prove my innocence of his allegations. I have full custody of my two other children from a prior marriage. He is claiming I’m a violent unstable unfit parent. I am a registered nurse have no criminal history, have attended Friends on and off since 2008, and am currently enrolled in the divorce recovery group. I am out of money and am expected to go to trial April 18th, 2023. I cannot represent myself in family court as it was advised by both my criminal law and family law attorney not to testify in order to protect my nursing license. I am in desperate need of a letter from a DA rejecting one of his false allegations that my criminal law attorney has already proven is false, I need this letter by March 28th as that is our trial readiness conference and if we show this to his attorney his case is weaker and will most likely not want to take the gamble of going to trial. I am hoping we can reasonably negotiate to split custody. He wants to go to trial because if there is a judgment made against me he will have the possibility of getting majority custody, I will have to pay child support and I could be on the hook for paying part of or all of his attorney fees which I cannot afford. This whole situation has been an absolute nightmare and I am desperate for help. I’ve been praying and trying to hold on to Gods promises however I am very much struggling.

Received: March 13, 2023