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Shari E

My family needs prayer. We have been struggling with the effects of my husbands drug addiction. I have tried 3 times to get a restraining order on him and got denied all 3 times. When I attempted to serve him this last restraining order, he got upset and had our internet shut off then called a lawyer and is going to fight me in court. All I want to do is protect me and my kids. We don’t feel safe in our own home. We all have anxiety and I feel like I am stuck in this disease of addiction with him. We go to court on Monday, and I am so scared. Especially with a lawyer involved, I don’t know what to expect. My husband is on drugs, has harassed me and my kids, does not want to get sober, and has made threats to me by email. The courts do not recognize that as domestic violence. So I have been having an extremely difficult time. My kids behavior is all over the place. They are struggling as well. I have gone above and beyond to try to keep my kids safe and now that he has a lawyer I’m afraid the courts won’t see what’s really going on even more. So please pray for all of this to end. We are a God loving home. Me and my kids have come closer to God because of all this. And he does not believe in God. I have heard him call out to a demon. Baphomet. He also has a poster of him that is no longer in my house. All of this is SO CRAZY!!! I feel like I am losing my mind.

Received: March 14, 2023