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My dad is 90. He had a minor stroke last week and has been in the hospital in Modesto since March 15th. He had a lot of fluid in his right lung and they were successful in draining quite a bit of fluid (1.4L). He was doing really well--his color was back, he was eating, and alert. But then last night (March 20th) he took a bad turn and his right lung started filling with fluid again and he couldn't breathe very well. The medical staff ended up having to intubate and sedate him. I don't know that he'll survive intubation. My mom has asked me to contact churches in my area (I live in North Orange County), to pray for him. She, of course, wants him to survive. We'd all love that. My biggest wish for him is, whatever happens, it happens with ease. He is not afraid. He is a Christ believer. But I'm very worried about my mom. He has taken care of her their entire life together (they've been married over 60 years). She's never worked outside of the house and doesn't know anything about finances or taking care of herself beyond what she has done as a housewife. But she's now 84 and everything, including cooking, is so much more difficult for her.

On top of it, my brother said there was fraud on my parents' checking account. So I went online and looked at their account. There is no fraud. I discovered that my brother (the one who said there was fraud), has been making personal purchases and payments using their money. My parents' account is overdrawn by $900. I had a very stern talk with him about it, but my mom jumped in to defend him despite the fact that it was very clear he was using their money. I feel completely powerless to help her because she is borderline hysterical right now and she will (and always has) defend him despite his misdeeds. My brother is in his 60s and has lived with them for about 15 years now because he can't hold down a job. He gets his own money from the state, spends it all, and apparently now that he has been "taking care of them" (which includes access to their debit and credit card so he can grocery shop, etc for them), he spends their money also for his own personal stuff.

If my dad passes, I fear things will spiral further and my mom will end up losing her home. I'm 6 hours from Modesto. There's only so much I can do, not only because I'm so far away, but also because my mom refuses to see reality.

Whatever prayer(s) you can offer, thank you.

Received: March 21, 2023