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My prayer Request… I’m asking for prayer and guidance. I am at a loss, I don’t know what I’m supposed to do with my life. I think god wants me to work with addiction and or at risk youth. I think this because I feel it in my heart that I’m supposed to serve in that way… I just quite my most recent rehab job (with adults) after 4 days. I became so overwhelmed with anxiety and frustration. Not because of the clients but because of the owners. They are not in it for the clients well being but the dollar signs they offer. I prayed so hard for god to give me the strength going into this. I feel like I failed.

I have another job thankfully that I love, the rehab was part time. I just ask god and my fellow Christen’s for prayer for guidance.

If I don’t find another 2nd job soon I’ll be in a slight financial struggle. I ask that we pray for a decent job market in the next few weeks!

I ask that he shows me where he wants me, what path I’m supposed to go down. I don’t want to force it at all. I thought the rehab was where I needed to be but my emotions and feelings told me differently.

Received: September 9, 2023