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UPDATE: we were able to get James in to see the neurologist tomorrow morning. We’ve been told to prepare for them to want to do an MRI which would mean he needs to go under general anesthesia. Please pray that the neurologist does not suspect anything lifelong or serious for James and clarity and strength for my husband and I that we may know exactly what to ask to best help our son.

My son James is 6mo (4mo adjusted as he was premie) and has been dealing with severe reflux to where he is uncomfortable all the time. We have started taking him to physical therapy to help with his mobility and flexibility and now they think there may be more going on and want him to be seen by a neurologist. PLEASE pray that we can get in to see the neurologist soon and that they tell us there is nothing going with him other than reflux. And I ask that you please pray for my husband and I to be the strength our son needs right now and for peace during this extremely nerve wracking time.

Received: November 16, 2023