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Marlena Estelle

Hello, how is everyone? I hope, well. I want to ask if y’all can pray for my son Nico… he is going to the dentist at 5:30am tomorrow morning, as he is getting his four front teeth capped white (cover cavities) and he will be going under anesthesia as well. I am excited for him, and we have waited for this day to come patiently, as he had to meet some criteria first. I pray that tomorrow morning he will be easy going about not needing anything to drink, as he will be fasting. I pray over him that there are no complications, and that they do not need to remove ANY teeth. Also, I would like to ask for another prayer request for myself. I found out today, that I will be having surgery tomorrow, to remove the skin flaps on my chest , that are left over from the mastectomy. The skin did not make it, and they have to remove it, as there is a lot of leakage. I’m very blessed, and thankful for the antibiotics, and there’s no pain, or infection. I was told by my surgeon that he might have to take out the expanders for now, and let me heal, then put them in at a later time. Please please pray that I do not get any infection at all. Please pray there are no complications during or after surgery, and for God to just give Dr. patience, and wisdom to make the right decisions throughout my surgery. In Jesus Mighty Name I pray, Amennthank you!!!!! XOXO,


Received: December 11, 2023