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Dorothy Bond

Update regarding my son Jonathan Rafferty. He was removing Christmas Decorations last weekend and the ladder he was on failed him. The safety locks broke. He held onto the ladder as he was going down from a two-story home. His lower back is confirmed broken, both of his wrists are broken, possible surgery pending for one wrist. Additionally, on Monday he has an MRI for his shoulder. Please pray that he will be restored to complete health and that he will not need surgery. He has a congenital heart defect since birth and any anesthesia/surgery is a major deal. Please pray for his health and his finances has he is the sole income for a family of 5. Based on what we have been told miracles have already occurred. Everyone that has seen him cannot believe he is alive and or not paralyzed. Thank you Lord for protecting my son. Thank you for praying for my son and his family.

Received: January 20, 2024