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Allyson McKinney Bader

I am hoping you can help pray over my health! Last night I got part of my blood work results back and they found a high rheumatoid factor number which seems so out of left field... I feel very confused as they mentioned Rheumatoid arthritis and want me to see a specialist. I’m afraid they are just going to put me on medication for the rest of my life or what life will look like. I am 29 and I feel like I am too young to experience this. I have a 11-month baby and I just want to be healthy enough to take care of her. It makes me sad that something like this was found in my blood panel. My mind is just racing all over the place while I continue to wait for more answers. If I can get more prayer over my racing-worry mind and anxiety I have become obsessive with my thinking and, of course today, I am "feeling" all this joint pain.... when before I didn't notice any pain. I would appreciate praying for a peace of mind and calming my thoughts!! Thank you!!

Received: November 14, 2020