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Allyson Mckinney Bader

I just got done with the initial rheumatology appointment and they want me to go in next week to do more comprehensive blood work! Ugh! I really don’t want to do more blood work and have to wait. It just makes me more scared because they are looking for other things. I have another follow up appointment with the doctor on Friday, December 4th at 11:40am. They are going to do several other blood panels to test for other things. I know they want to rule out things but I’m scared they will find something even worse. I can’t help but want to cry because I’m afraid of the unknown! I know there isn’t anything I can do, right now so stressing isn’t going to help. The answers are all in the blood work! I just desperately want to be healthy for my daughter so the waiting game continues and hurts my heart! Please pray they won’t find anything else in my blood panels next week! Thank you so much for the continued prayers and constant encouragement! Have a great weekend! In Christ, Allyson

Received: November 21, 2020