Friends Church 1911

June 4, 1911

A few scattered residents in the Yorba Linda community realized the need for Christian education for their children.

Friends Church 1912

August 12, 1912

The following year Friends Church was organized and built on School Street at the cost of $1,513.63.

Friends Church 1928


The growth at Friends Church called for a new church building to be built at 4842 Main Street to house its congregation.

Friends Church 1996

August 3, 1996

The expansion of God’s work continued as 200 church participants broke ground on the five and one-half acre plot at 5211 South Lakeview Avenue.

Friends Church Today


To this day the bell from the original 1928 belfry sits proudly on the Lakeview property. No longer does it ring out across the valley to say it is the Lord’s day, but it sits proudly as a remembrance to all who walk past it of the rich heritage that calls the Lord’s followers to be the sound of Christ’s love to all of the world.