What is Rooted?

A 10 week online experience that helps you establish the 7 core rhythms that are essential to a healthy relationship with Jesus. You will immerse yourself daily in Scripture, prayer, and journalling and then meet with your group once a week to discuss what you’re learning.

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Weekly Schedule

It doesn’t matter if you’re new to the Christian faith or have been following Jesus for years, this is for anyone who wants to connect with God, connect with others, and discover your purpose in life.


This study is a ten week ONLINE EXPERIENCE and the cost in this session is now only $10.00!


Tuesdays, 7:30-9:00P

Starting September 15

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Tuesdays, 7:30-9:00P

Starting September 15

Sign Up Today!


“If I didn’t go through Rooted I wouldn’t have a definite definition of who I am as a person, I am forever a child of God, and no matter what I go through that will never change.”Jessica Quimpo
“I didn’t have a home church for a while and after going through Rooted it solidified for me that this is it, this is my church.”Megan DeVries
“Sometimes we become stagnant in our faith, and Rooted challenged me to reconsider why I believe what I do, and this ultimately drew me closer to God.”Emily Alvarez


Each ROOTED participant must register at friends.church/rooted.There is normally a $40 fee that covers the cost of materials, facilities, child care and a celebration event. However, due to current circumstances, the fee has been reduced to $5 as ROOTED will be experienced through a virtual platform using video conferencing with digital material.

If you’re not currently in a Life Group, you will be placed in a newly created virtual ROOTED group. Our staff will seek discernment when assigning people to a group and a leader. When we have followed this process in the past, we have seen God do what only He can by providing the right blend of group members and leaders.

After registration and before the first session, you will be provided information necessary to access your digital ROOTED book and the link to join your virtual ROOTED group via Zoom.

The ROOTED book was revised in 2019, so if you do not have the latest version we recommend you use the digital copy that we provide you. Either way, registration is still necessary to participate.

ROOTED is not just another Bible study. It’s not a typical discipleship program. This material originally came from Africa, where it had a transformational effect. The title was “Mizizi” – Swahili for “Roots”. It was developed by, Pastor Muriithi Wanjau of Mavuno Church in Nairobi, Kenya. It is unlike most programs or studies as it is an experience and a journey. It will involve five days of short homework preparation each week which include writing prayers to God, journaling, listening, and challenging one another to grow in new ways. If you’re willing to invest in this completely, your perspectives may be completely transformed.

Because this is a listening and journaling experience, it is essential that you do your own reading, praying, and writing. Having your own “guide” on this adventure will be essential.

If you are a ROOTED leader, we have resources for you!