Worship Together

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Parents, as the spiritual leaders of your children, this is also an opportunity for you to model what it looks like to worship. As a child, I remember going to “big church” with my parents and they really helped me understand the reason and purpose behind the different elements of church. Some ways you can do this are:

  • Participate fully with the music – clap, raise your hands, and sing!
  • Help your children navigate through the Bible to find the Scriptures being talked about
  • Show your children how to take notes or fill-in-the-blanks
  • Draw pictures to illustrate to your children what the message is talking about
  • Encourage your children to close their eyes and be still before the Lord during prayer times
  • Give your tithe/offering and explain to your children what you are doing when the basket is being passed
  • If communion is being offered, talk through it with your children and participate together

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Bringing the Family Together

Worship Together means that children (4th – 5th Grades) and students (6th – 12th Grades) have the opportunity of joining their parents in the Worship Center rather than have their own programming. Though the message content is still directed towards adults, there is a sensitivity to the fact that children and students are in the room. Some components that might be added to appeal to children/students are: drama, video, interactive components, children/student representation on stage, worship songs, etc. There will usually be a children’s bulletin available when children are included in the service.

Family Weekends are where Kinder through 12th grade will join their parents in service. This will be for Christmas and Easter Services only.

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