Pre-Marriage Process

Pre-Marriage Class

Feb 10-Mar 31 | 10:30A – 12P | $20 per person

We have a pre-marriage class that is ideal for you as a couple. Learn how to enjoy a successful loving relationship and prepare for a deeply satisfying marriage. This 8 week class will be held on Sunday mornings at Friends Church and led by our Married Life Team. This class is workbook based and topics include tools for effective communication, conflict resolution, understanding personality differences and finances.


Pre-Marital Counseling

If you are a Friends Church attendee and would like to have one of our pastors perform your wedding ceremony, they may also offer your pre-marital counseling.  Another recommendation is to contact CIFT (Center for Individual and Family Therapy) for your pre-marriage counseling. 714.558.9266

  • Complete the following paperwork and submit it to Peggy Kasper at
  • Appointments are normally scheduled with the pastors for hours during the weekday; however some appointments are available on Saturday evenings and on Sunday mornings. Both you and your fiancé must attend each counseling session together.
  • After your first meeting, you and your fiancé will be asked to take the online “Prepare/Enrichment Inventory” which is based on a set of five categories that examine major relationship issues that a couple may experience. The cost is $35 per couple and payment is due online at the time of the inventory session.
  • You will complete pre-marital counseling sessions with your pastor or one of our trained MarriedLife counseling team couples. These appointments will be set up between you and them at both your conveniences.

If you have any questions, please contact Peggy at 714.777.7312.