The Foster and Adoption Ministry seeks to love on foster kids in the OC area.
We believe God’s design has always been for people to be in families. The reality is that in today’s world, relationships fail and families often break apart. While government and private organizations have worked to provide support for kids through the foster care system, we believe the Church – as the family of God – is the best option to meet the needs of these wounded children, with a loving family supported by a church.
THE GOAL: Find a family for every child in OC by 2020 and equip churches to support them.

Upcoming Events

Explore Fostering & Adopting Seminar

If you’ve ever thought about adopting or fostering, this is the place for you! Come get information, simple overviews, and your questions answered from experienced foster and adoptive parents. You’ll learn about the current state of vulnerable children both locally and globally. We’ll discover biblical perspectives together and offer simple ways to prayerfully consider your options in a no-pressure environment. You can experience this intimate seminar with a few other people like you.

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Boxes of Love

Beginning November 2, 2019

Join Friends during the holiday season as we seek to bring love and hope to the foster youth of Orange County. Our goal in 2019 is to provide one Christmas stocking, packed full of love, to every one of the 3,000 foster kids in Orange County.

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Support for Foster Families

Raising a child who has come from a hard place can be challenging, but families are much more likely to find success when they have loving support from their church community.

Friends Church is committed to supporting each SafeFamily or foster family, any way we can.

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