Human Trafficking, also known as today’s slavery, is a crime that involves the illegal act of forced labor and sexual exploitation. Human Trafficking is not just something that happens across the world, in fact, it is happening in our own backyards. Right under our noses, men and women, particularly children ages 9-17, are being pulled into the ring of sex slavery either by force or coercion. Because of this, we feel a strong calling on our hearts to be a part of putting an end to this ongoing cycle, both around the world and around the corner.

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  • In the last two years, over 1,200 victims of sex trafficking have been identified in California. There are 13 trafficking hot spots in the USA designated by the FBI and 3 of those are in California with 2 of them located in Southern California.
  • Our local area code is the most actively used in the nation by those seeking illicit activity with trafficked children and our local zip code is the highest origin point of child pornography searches by pedophiles.
  • Around 400 victims of trafficking have been rescued in Orange County over the last ten years. Over half of these individuals were children.
  • 50-80% of all trafficked victims were at one point living in the foster care system.