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As a college student, you’re exploring and learning more about your gifts and interests. You want to find a career that’s fulfilling where you can make a difference. Or, you may just have an internship requirement to fulfill.

Friends Church offers an active, comprehensive program for interns. A church of nearly 3,000, with more than 20 ministries, Friends provides a variety of opportunities to learn and practice your management and leadership skills. As part of our DNA we’re committed to continually invest in the next generation of leaders.

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We are deliberate developers of others who desire to learn, multiply themselves, then give it away
We are selfless collaborators who affirm and value the diversity of others’ gifts and strengths
We are courageous innovators who discern God’s direction and faithfully obey, unafraid of failure
We are compassionate pursuers of those outside our walls; our neighbors, the lost and marginalized
We are contagious activators who enthusiastically give our all through fun, joy, and radical generosity



Our applicants are typically students attending a local college, or recent graduates looking for further training before they begin their careers. They all have had some prior experience working in ministry.
We require that all applicants have a high school degree and some prior ministry experience. However, if you feel you have a unique situation, contact us and we will discuss it.
Yes! We encourage international applicants to apply. The only variation to the application process is that international applicants must apply for a Religious Worker’s Visa (R1) from the American Embassy in their country. This can be a lengthy process depending on the country, so we recommend international applicants apply for our internship program 9 months before their potential start date.
Your daily ministry involvement depends on a number of things, particularly which ministry you’re serving in and what responsibility you have within that ministry. But each apprentice will spend significant time on the four “E’s” (Educate, Equip, Exercise, Empower), which includes the following:
– Training/working in your specific department
– Regular apprentices meeting
– Monthly one-on-one meeting with pastor
– Cohorts
– Working on specific projects and relationships within the ministry area in which you are serving.
Yes. Ministry areas vary in hours and responsibilities. However, it is important that the field worker not allow school or work to interfere with the pursuit of their ministry call. Please keep us advised of any involvement in work or school so we can assist in your scheduling.
We desire to see our “graduates” contribute to and lead in the community where God directs them. To that end, we will always be “looking forward,” by providing opportunities for fieldworkers to lead in the Friends family of churches and beyond.
We do not currently offer any salary or benefits to fieldworkers at this time. However, we encourage fieldworkers to both work and raise additional support for this season of ministry preparation as needed.
Yes, we work with local colleges to provide matching funds for field workers depending on the program of your school.
We will attempt to provide a host home for you if you are single. Host homes typically provide a room, bathroom and food. Fieldworkers who are married must find their own housing. One- bedroom apartments in the area can cost $1800/mo. Two bedrooms run about $2500/mo.
Yes, depending on the cohort and specific needs at the time. Please discuss this directly with the team while applying.