Model Godly Character
The best thing we can do for our students is to keep ourselves balanced, healthy and growing spiritually. The healthier our walk with God, the healthier our ministry will be. A few healthy disciplines we expect of our leaders include:

  • Commitment to personal spiritual growth
  • Heart for prayer
  • Positive attitude towards personal growth
  • Modeling a balanced life
  • Involvement in relationships that provide personal accountability
  • Commitment to relationships with other volunteers

Embrace the Purposes & Values of Student Ministries
Our purposes and values are the foundation for our ministry. They are not the only way to do ministry, but they are our way. When we are united by purpose we can better meet the spiritual and social needs of our students.

Go Above & Beyond in Building Relationships
Our desire is that in all of our efforts to minister, we give the best of ourselves, as we become authentic followers of Jesus Christ. Your initiative to serve, lead, disciple, and challenge students will play a huge part in the effectiveness of impacting lives. This means we ask our leaders to:

  • Seek out and connect with students
  • Pray weekly for their students
  • Make contact with students via letters, phone calls, texts, etc.

Use Wisdom
As a role model to young people, it’s important to realize that the decisions you make are being watched and sometimes emulated. Our Student Ministries department will not tolerate the following characteristics/actions from our leaders:

  • Dating/romantic relationships with students
  • Illegal activity with students
  • Being alone with a student of the opposite sex
  • Divisiveness, gossip, slander of other students or adults
  • Inappropriate sharing of a your personal life

Furthermore, we ask leaders to use extreme discretion and be above reproach in their own lives. Our Student Ministries team reserves the right to remove a leader from ministry at their discretion.

Be Committed
As a leader, we feel it is necessary for leaders to be committed to Friends Church as their home church, and we expect you to attend the main weekly worship service. Consistency is a key characteristic for all Student Ministry leaders. Students need to be able to trust that their leader is committed to the ministry that they lead. We ask that leaders participate in and attend 90% of the program(s) you commit to, along with 100% of the Student Ministries training meetings.

Serving Opportunities

Our Group Life leaders role is to lead a mid-week small group of students that meet Wednesday nights in approved host homes. (Tuesday nights on campus for College).  Their job is to facilitate Bible study and prayer time along with developing relationships with students outside of the small group time, including attending camps and mission trips with their students. In the College Ministry a Group Life leader serves a coach and mentor to College small group leaders as they lead small groups.

Time Commitment: 3-10 hours per week.


Gathering leaders are people who attend our weekly Sunday morning services and focus on building relationships with students during this time. Their responsibilities include identifying new and loner students to sit with, and participating in different elements of the weekend service. Gathering leaders who want to serve in an increased capacity may chose to help coach student leaders in various ministry capacities.

Time Commitment: 1-3 hours per week.


Host homes are people who open their home on Wednesday nights, 6:00-9:00pm, from September through May for small groups to meet in. Their job is to facilitate a welcoming, warm, and relatively distraction-free environment for small groups to meet in. The number of groups per home is determined based on the discernment of host home and staff as agreed in the host home contract.

Time Commitment: 3 hours per week.


If you want to help, but don’t have a lot of time…this is the way to help! Our Resource Team is comprised of people our staff can call on occasion when we need help with things like shopping for events, or baking and cooking, driving, occasional chaperoning, and even lending stuff to the ministry.

Time Commitment: Varies…it’s up to you!