Broken and Healed

Broken and HealedBroken for GoodNov 24, 2019 | Matthew Cork Nov 24, 2019 | Matthew Cork So far in our series, we’ve dealt with those who are “spiritually” broken. But Jesus’ power knows no limits, and Jesus also had the ability to deal with those who were physically broken, as well. Such is the man we meet in John 5. … Read More

Broken Sin

SinBroken For GoodNov 17, 2019 | Chris Ward Nov 17, 2019 | Chris Ward There are few words in the english language more disheartening than the word “disqualified.” Think of an athlete training for the Olympics, having worked daily for four years to be able to compete, only to not be able to participate because he was “disqualified” for some … Read More

Broken Self-Righteousness

Broken “Self-Righteousness”Broken For GoodNov 10, 2019 | Matthew Cork Nov 10, 2019 | Matthew Cork Nick- To everyone on the outside was a good man, with good knowledge, with good morals, with a good education, with a good job as a Jewish Leader. He was looked up to, but he was not broken for good! What do I mean? We … Read More

Broken Expectations

Broken ExpectationsBroken For Good – Part 1Nov 3, 2019 | Chris Ward Nov 3, 2019 | Chris Ward Unmet expectations are probably one of the hardest things that we have to face in this life. Perhaps that is why Bill Watterson, famous creator of the Calvin and Hobbes series once said, perhaps a little cynically, “I find my life is … Read More